My main research areas are around domestic violence and aggression.  Specifically I focus on women’s aggression and male victims and how this is affected by personality and psychopathology e.g. attachment patterns, personality disorders etc.

My current projects and collaborators are:

  • Examining dark personality traits and their predictive power over aggression (with colleagues at Lund University in Sweden)
  • Evaluating UK based perpetrator programmes as part of a world-wide review (with colleagues in the US)
  • Designing a new measures of adult attachment to explore its predictive validity of IPV (with colleagues at UCLan)
  • Examining police attitudes to male victims of domestic violence (with colleagues at Teeside University)
  • Exploring experiences of victims of same-sex IPV (with colleagues at University of Cumbria and UCLan)
  • Exploring implicit attitudes towards perpetrators of IPV (with colleagues at Edge Hill)

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Karma Nirvana says

    Dear Dr Bates,

    We recently met at the Mankind Conference on 16/11/16 in Walsall. Our organisation were very impressed with your presentation and were wondering if at all possible you could kindly forward us a copy of the slides.

    Kind Regards

    The Karma Nirvana Team.

    1. Elizabeth Bates says


      I’m so sorry that I’ve only just seen this – I did send you the slides over email I think but if there’s anything else you need, please just let me know!


  2. Bro Ken says

    I saw, back in March, you were looking for men who have been subjected to domestic violence or abuse and even from the brief description, I saw my own story there. I avoid talking about it, I’ve tried to move on, but the two years I was with my last partner were the worst in my life. My partner was male, and he regularly emotionally abused me, called me vile names, brandished sharp weapons at me, spat in my face, used our child as a bargaining chip. I didn’t even know about gas lighting until much later, after the ordeal was behind me, but now I know that’s what it was. I thought I was going insane. He forced me to quit my job and then forced me to to go and beg to have it back again, he put obstacles in the way of me seeing my family and isolated me from my friends. I was at the lowest point in my life I have ever had the misfortune of being and even to this day, though it’s many years later, I’ve never been in a relationship with anyone else out of sheer terror of it ever happening again. He never hit me, but he has left scars that will never, ever heal.

    1. Elizabeth Bates says

      I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. I hope you have support to help you through this difficult time, the effects of this sort of abuse are really tough. There are some really good organisations out there that can offer support, I can recommend a couple of you like. Again, I’m really sorry to hear about what has happened to you.


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